Wednesday, July 8, 2020

"A Duty of Loyalty, Prudence and Utmost Good Faith"
Thomas J. Kiernan is the principal fiduciary at PACIFIC FIDUCIARY SERVICES, a full service private professional fiduciary practice in Northern California.  He serves as Trustee, Personal Representative, Agent, and Executor for North Bay Area clients that include elder individuals and couples, mentally and physically impaired, incapacitated, and those with special needs.
Many people are unfamiliar with what a fiduciary is.  A fiduciary is a person who is required to act for the benefit of another person in all matters within the scope of their relationship, and who owes that person a duty of good faith, trust, confidence and candor.  We consider this duty a high honor and take it very seriously.  For further description, click and read this article "What’s a Fiduciary?".
Our goal is to help our clients age gracefully with peace of mind.  We do this by handling many of their life burdens and concerns relating to their personal, medical, financial, legal, and estate affairs, both now and future.


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